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Claire Ellis

Claire Ellis is a Canadian-born emerging ceramic artist and designer based in Naarm (Melbourne). While working as a chef at the internationally acclaimed restaurant in Naarm, Attica, Claire made tableware for the tasting menu and created a ceramics studio within the restaurant. Claire’s chef experience influences her work through a focus on raw materials and experimentation. Her research focuses on incorporating transformed local by-products into her work including glass, plastic, eggshells, ceramic sink sludge, broken ceramics and stone. Her current art practice explores avenues for environmentalism, activism and catharsis in ceramics.

After leaving Attica to focus on ceramics in April 2021 Claire has completed several artist residencies and solo exhibitions. Her work was exhibited in Paris and Milan, and it has been featured in magazines, journals and books. Claire won the innovation award at the Warrandyte Pottery Expo and has been a finalist in the Little Things, Wyndham, Remagine and Northern Beaches Environmental Art and Design Prizes. She has been an invited guest speaker at several events including The Australian Ceramics Triennale in 2022.