Established in 1882, Kihachi is the oldest brand of Yamanaka Lacquerware, the traditional craft of Isikawa Prefecture. With leading Kijishi(wood turner), Shitajishi(undercoating craftsman) and Makieshi(gold lacquer master), Kihachi provides the lacquerwares of both traditional and modern design, using the rich design skill developed through the history. The wide range of products from luxury to daily use is made with domestic materials. Their motto is 'The creation as a product which is used by many people'.

Using traditional techniques cultivated in the past 450 years, Yamanaka Lacquerware have been made in the vicinity of Yamanaka hot springs in Ishikawa Prefecture. The cutting method called "Tatekidori" (Cutting wood horizontality) contributes to Yamanaka Lacquerware's uniqueness. The wood has beautiful appearance with the contrast between cross-grain and straight-grain. The production is based on the division of labor between each process of wood turning, undercoating, top coating and maki-e (Japanese gold sprinkle painting). Those processes are coordinated by the management people called 'Akindo' who direct design and finishing quality for new products creation

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