Organic Brown Australian-grown Koshihikari Rice


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  • Single origin organic rice grown, picked, milled and packaged on a family farm in Murrumbidgee Valley, New South Wales.

    Koshihikari rice is a Japanese style of short grain sticky rice. It is perfect served as that ubiquitous bowl of rice with any Japanese meal, makes great onigiri rice balls, makes great healthy sushi and its stickiness is perfect for this, as well as a perfect fit for curries, stews etc. It works very nicely in healthy brown rice risotto as well, as it cooks much more plumply and retains that stickiness you wan tin a risotto much more than long or medium grain brown rice. Brown rice retains many more nutrients and fibre than white rice.

    Rinse in cold water before cooking.

    About this rice

    Grown on a farm that has been NASAA certified organic for more than twenty years. This farm uses no pesticides or artificial fertilisers, working with nature to build the fertility and health of their soil while caring for our environment. Organic farming has a low carbon footprint.

    The milling process allows the farmer to leave some of the layers of bran on the grain, keeping more flavour and nutrition. Chemical free, tasty rice that is environmentally sustainable and is milled fresh on farm.