Morinokura - Kohaku no ryorishu Cooking Sake 720ml


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  • Made from local(Fukuoka) organic rice and natural spring water.

    As it is a sake for cooking it contains more umami than drinking sake. They ferment not only the steamed rice but also the sake lees which creates the extra umami.

    Compared to conventional cooking sake, you only need 1/3 of the amount of this cooking sake to create the same effect.


    *This product contains 15% alcohol.

    About Morinokura - 

    Morinokura's aim is to create Saké that is good for your health and also good for the local environment. Morinokura is also creating Saké that suits current food culture. The owner of Morinokura, Mr. Kazuhiro Morinaga, is the 5th generation, and the master saké maker is the 4th generation. So the owner and the saké maker have been working together for over 4 generations. This relationship has played an important role for the way Morinokura has continued to move with the time.