Haruno Organic Green Tea


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  • Haruno Organic - Organic green tea

    Haruno is located in mountain area in Shizuoka, Japan. Haruno is known as a home of delicious tea with unique geographical features. It is cool all the year round so that the weather prevents the appearance of harmful insects. This place is best for organic farming.

    Certified Organic by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard)

    100g vacuum sealed pouch


    How to brew Sencha green tea


    Cool down freshly boiled water by pouring  boiling water into cups.  Place the tea leaves into the tea pot. 6-10g for 3-5 cups.
    Pour the cooled down water (80 degrees celsius) into the tea pot. (Steeping time: 1 minute) Pour alternately to ensure the amount and density is even for all cups. Also make sure there is no tea left in the tea pot.




    • Perfect brewing temperature: 70-80 ℃
    • 10 seconds steeping time for the second brewing.