Yonezawa Dantsu Stool or Chair Mat


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    Stool Mat: 400x300mm
    Chair Mat: 380 x 380mm
    Material: Natural wool, Cotton string

    Hand-woven Carpet made in textile city, Yonezawa, Japan.
    Craftsmen will carefully finish one by one.

    How to order:

    Please note, we are able to take special orders for this item in either Chair mat or Stool Mat size. Please contact us before purchasing on mrkitly (@) mrkitly.com.au to discuss ordering. Leadtime is usually approximately 1.5 months. A minimum order of 2x mats applies to all special orders.

    Durability and Comfort

    Yonezawa Dantsu is a high density hand-weaved carpet. Various colors and patterns can be expressed with wool pile yarn, woven into warp. The color of the ground part is natural wool. The color is only made by blending wool, not dyeing. Therefore, various colors are overlapping natural texture and products are slightly different one by one color.To preserve its quality, weaving is all by hand.

    Since hand-woven carpets are stronger, it does not easily get loosened. Same to the Persian carpets and China Dantsu, it does not need lining or glue. The design of verso of the Yonezawa Dantsu rugs appears just as the design on recto. It is an excellent workshop with a track record of delivering the technology to the prime minister's residence and the famous Nissei Theater in the period of high economic growth, 1960s.