Rina Ono Paper LED Lantern


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This is a battery-driven LED lantern. As it is a cordless, you can use it anywhere, for instance, on the table for dinner, as a reading light in the bed room, or for enjoying a night walk. The skill required to make these lanterns is a very fine artisanal Japanese skill.

Two batteries (size AA) are provided. The lighting duration time is approximately 100 hours. When you feel the light is low, please exchange the batteries. The lantern is delivered as "ready-to-assemble" (the lantern cover is accordion).

dimensions (mm):

ITOMAKI [Bobbin] dia105 x h285mm 
HISHI [Rhombus] dia170 x h190mm 
MUSUBI [Drop] dia166 × h225 
MARU [Circle] dia160 × h210
NOPPO [Tall] dia135 × h340 


Washi (Japanese paper), Wooden base, Wire, LED light