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Iwantja Arts Stockroom


Iwantja Arts represents the art of the Anangu women of the Indulkana community on the remote APY Lands. These works make specific reference through imagery and colour to both the strength and ruggedness of their desert country homeland, and combines this with fervour for the unique designs and fashion of contemporary textiles worn in community.

The Iwantja Arts artists have extensive artistic practices and have work held in collections both nationally and internationally. These works present a culmination of considered imagery and mark making that reflects an understanding of history and place, imbued with the dynamic storytelling and painting language of each artist.

The Indulkana community is situated close to the Stuart highway in the northern region of South Australia, it was established in the nineteen fifties to accommodate Anangu peoples returning to their homeland after years of employment and settlement on neighbouring cattle stations. The Iwantja Art Centre was formed by the artists in the mid nineteen seventies as a response to community need for a collaborative cultural and artistic studio.  

Pukulpa Pots was an exhibition held in Mr Kitly gallery in 2013.