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Sharon Alpren

Sharon Alpren is a UK-born Melbourne-based potter. 

"I am a potter. When I moved to a place in outback Australia where there was no such work I found somewhere I could make pots instead, and there I fell in love with clay and its processes. I now live in Melbourne and still make pots. Pots for the home, both practical and sculptural, and architectural pieces through work with designers.

I work with my hands, pinching, coiling and slabbing, and on the wheel. Intrigued by the process of making and the nature of ceramic materials, I let the characteristics of the clay, the glaze and the fire direct my work. And fascinated by texture, I am forever experimenting with glazes and finishes. I fire in a gas kiln to about 1250 degrees, usually in a reduction atmosphere which creates a variety of tones in the clay and textures in the glaze.'