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supercyclers - superfusion centres on Sarah K’s current preoccupation for her work with the supercyclers collaborators - to alter what is traditionally considered waste to a greater value by a process of fusion. 

When taking discarded plastic and fusing it with a material like gold or copper or marble the junk value of the plastic is overshadowed by the literal value of the higher material and its status as junk is forgotten.  A new purpose for the product adds further value - the value of usefulness. Value might also be increased through the level of craftsmanship inherent in the new object.

For supercyclers – superfusion Sarah K has invited various supercyclers to collaborate with her in order to present a variety of options for the discarded  plastic straw made into a vase.*

supercyclers - superfusion
July 12 – 28 (opening July 12 6pm-8pm)
@ Mr Kitly gallery

*an estimated 500,000,000 plastic straws are used and discarded every day

About supercyclers

Sarah K + Liane Rossler launched supercyclers in April 2011 as a banner for their investigations into reuse of waste materials - and as a platform to profile other designers/designs that they felt were approaching issues of sustainability in worthwhile ways. The collaborative has evolved since into an expanding group of participants with Sarah K at its core, and supercyclers work has been exhibited extensively both internationally and within Australia.

About Sarah K

Sarah K’s work in design, architecture and ideas is multifaceted and inspired. In addition to supercyclers, recent projects include curatorship of Gallery Oh where one work by one designer/artist is exhibited every 2 months; Urban Larder for DesignEx Melbourne where Sarak K designed and curated a unique food event and retail experience; and blakebrough + king, where Ben Blakebrough + Sarah K design and make works from their home and workshop in the southern highlands of NSW just outside Sydney. 

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