Susan Frost Stockroom

This collection of pieces by South Australian artist Susan Frost was created for Shepparton Art Museum Showcase series - curated by Mr Kitly and presented at Shepparton Art Museum October 2017 - January 2108.

From Shepparton Art Museum:

Through meticulous glazing techniques, she creates an evolving spectrum of hues that span rich creams and lemon yellows, through to vintage greens and inky blues. This palette is applied to the surfaces of an unfolding progression of functional vessels in varying sizes that have been wheel thrown in Lumina porcelain. Frost uses the evocative properties of colour to highlight the sculptural qualities of form, which she exploits to its fullest potential with interlocking works that stack and nest together.

For Showcase #17, Frost has expanded her practice with the introduction of surface decoration. Geometric structures, repetitive patterning and grids are executed with a restrained precision and used to create a cohesive whole.

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