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Vanessa Lucas lives and works in Macedon, Victoria.

Vanessa’s work reflects her philosophy that utility is important when working with clay, but the tangibility of function must not be at the expense of beauty. A maker of bespoke objects for 20 years, Vanessa Lucas trained first in ceramics education and later in clothing design. In her work with both cloth and clay, her unwavering priority is to make pieces which function seamlessly in everyday life. She designs clothing in conjunction with individual clients.

Using the same meticulous attention to the balance between the visual and the utilitarian, Vanessa has created a range of delicate slipcast porcelain tableware.

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artist statement

To work with clay is to work in close harmony with nature. The constantly changing relationship of air and water with the malleable quality of clay determines what can be achieved in the process of making. The clay itself is an ancient piece of earth that has formed over millions of years of weathering.

My appreciation of the age of this earth is strongest on remote beaches where the ocean mingles with the land. The ebb and flow of the tide sculpts delicate patterns in the sand and delivers a wondrous array of splendid objects onto the shore. Ancient rocks are washed by the sea and are embedded in the sand.

I have long admired the patterns and forms of shells, sand and stones found on coastlines and this admiration has informed much of my work. I have carved sand patterns into porcelain saucers and have embellished surfaces of vases and handles with textures and patterns derived from shells.

I include elements that echo aspects of the natural world because they can provoke an emotional response to everyday objects. Hand made pots offer both practical value and a connection to something deep within our daily lives. They are infused with the identity of those who make and use them. When utilitarian objects are valued as an intrinsic part of our habitual routines the attachments that are formed are inclined to be long lasting.

Respect for the longevity of vitrified porcelain can encourage sustainable attitudes. Vitrified porcelain is extremely durable and has the ability to last for hundreds or even thousands of years. It is my hope that the pots I make will be used and appreciated for many years.