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Yoko Ozawa Stockroom

Yoko Ozawa has had two exhibitions in Mr Kitly gallery.

March 2013: Komorebi 夏は木漏れ日 - Sunlight filtering down through the trees in the summer. Read more about the exhibition here.

September 2018: Tsutsumareru 包まれる - Surrounded exhibited in Mr Kitly gallery in September 2018. Read more about the exhibition here.

Born in Japan, Yoko Ozawa is a Melbourne-based artist who studied Japanese painting and graphic design in Tokyo. Ozawa began practicing in ceramics in 2003 and has been in Melbourne a base of her creation since 2010. Since then, she has been part of numerous exhibitions and events in both Australia and Japan.

Ozawa wonders about natural phenomena such as fog, rain, snow, light and shadow, and things that we cannot see like a breath of air or scent. While working with subtle tones and simplistic forms, she explores the stillness and space between objects, something defined by Yohaku (blank space), a Japanese painting concept which she studied early in her career.