Genmai Mochi 300g


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  • Genmai Mochi is made by pounding glutinous brown rice and is associated with New Year celebrations.

    The Japanese traditionally eat Mochi raw with adzuki bean jam or baked by dipping into soy sauce or as a dumpling in soups. This Spiral Foods Mochi is dried and best cooked by frying or baking. It puffs up to a delightful puffy delicious treat. You can also grate the mochi directly into a frypan and create totally gluten free crepes (a macrobiotic recipe) or grill it in a waffle maker to make gluten free waffles, then drizzle with maple syrup for gluten free, vegan and sugar free dessert.

    Source: Japan
    Ingredients" 100% Sweet brown rice
    Size: 400g