Pickled Daikon (Takuan) 100g


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  • There is a variety of pickles in Japan, and the daikon pickle, called “takuan” is a traditional basic food and the most widely consumed pickle.

    This is a delicious pickle made the traditional way in long pickling process. No food dyes or preservatves are used (be wary of takuan pickles that are bright yellow, they have been dyed and often are full of preservative).

    Daikon is known as 'the great root' and when pickled its exceptional nutritional qualities are amplified.  In Japan it's common to eat a little pickled daikon daily for health and wellbeing. Served after meals or between courses it cleanses the palate and aids in the digestion of starches. To enjoy daikon slice a portion and wash it under cold water to remove the bran and sodium. Thinly slice and eat a couple of pieces with sushi, rice balls or mince it and toss into salads.

    Source: Japan
    Ingredients: Daikon radish, water, rice bran, sea salt.
    Size: 100g