Shima Wasabi Pure Wasabi Powder



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Concentrated freeze-dried pure wasabi powder. Grown and packed in Tasmania

Shima wasabi wasabi products are 100% pure Japanese wasabi (Wasabia japonica) grown on a farm in the island state of Tasmania - an area world-renowned for its natural beauty and unspoilt wilderness.  

Shima wasabi use rainwater captured on site with a unique hydroponic production system to grow their precious wasabi crops within climate-controlled greenhouses, to produce premium-quality wasabi rivaling the very best produced in Japan.  

99% of wasabi pastes and powders on the market are actually dyed horseradish, this product is pure authentic freeze-dried Japanese wasabi (Wasabia japonica). The only choice for authentic Japanese cooking. 


Reconstitute with enough water to mix into a thick paste.

You can either fill jar to brim with water, mix and keep jar of reconstituted wasabi in fridge for re-use. Maximum freshness and flavour use within 7 days.

Alternatively mix a small quanity with water separately for small servings and keep jar of powdered wasabi in cool dry location until best before date on jar.


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