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This kettle is a thing of real beauty. Made for daily use, the copper exterior will gradually oxidise over time, telling the story of many teas made.

Copper, nickel interior lining, beeswax coating

20cm x 24cm (inc handle)

Made in Japan

Copper has been used for centuries for cookware due to its excellent even heat conduction, requiring lower levels of heat to efficiently cook or boil water. Copper has about ten times the heat conductivity of stainless and glass, and twice that of aluminum. Keep an eye on the amount of heat you give it, at least until you become accustomed to copper's even, fast acting conductivity. The nickel lining inside is extremely durable, nickel is the highest quality copper lining material and has been used in traditional copper cookware for centuries.


Only use soft non-scratching cleaning cloths to clean both exterior and interior of this kettle. It's not necessary that you keep the copper bright and shiny; in fact the gradual wearing of the wax coating and the ensuing oxidisation of the copper - seeing it darken with your hands and with use - is one of the joys of owning copper cookware. If you do prefer to keep your exterior shiny a commercial copper cleaners will work with a soft polishing cloth

Safety note:

Please be aware that the handle as well as entire kettle will become very hot as the kettle boils, like all metal. As there is no rubber handle or other insulation on the handle please take due care when lifting boiling kettle from stove, by using an oven mitt or similar.


Recommended for use on a gas hob only. See above for copper high conductivity and quick heating capacity. Fill water level to at least just above spout.