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  • Traditional onsen-style bath pourer hand crafted from Hinoki cypress in Japan. Used for filling up with warm water and pouring over oneself for an extremely relaxing bathing experience. Traditionally used in Japan for rinsing oneself after washing before stepping into a hot bath of clean water, this pourer makes a beautiful bath accessory in any bathroom. Try using it to rinse your shampooed hair as part of a supremely relaxing bath, for example.

    Japanese Hinoki cypress is prized for its bacteria-resistant resin that prevents mildew and withstands humidity. This wood is highly rot resistant and its natural lemon scent is used in aromatherapy to reduce stress. Hinoki cypress is a responsibly harvested by-product of forest thinning, which is required to maintain healthy growth.


    Care notes:
    As Hinoki cypress gets wet then dry in use in the bathroom, the wood as part of a natural cycle absorbs water then dries out, expanding and contracting to the conditions, making it the prefect wood for humid bathrooms. But please do note these specific care instructions:
    1. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will dehydrate the wood; likewise soaking it in water for an extended period of time may also produce stress/cracking so please be careful not to subject it to these conditions.
    2. Generally, after using, stand up the stool or bowl, leaning on a slant against the bathroom wall is sufficient to allow the wood to dry out naturally. However, to prolong the Hinoki goods is best conditions and wash off any excess moisture or bathroom scale, polish dry with a cloth after use. Hinoki cypress is naturally bacteria and mold resistant wood, if however any mold does appear, rub lightly with a tawashi scrubbing brush or light sandpaper to remove.
    3. Caution: Do not ever stand on your bath stool or bowl as this will not only put undue stress on the manufacture, but is dangerous as the stool may topple or slip on tiles resulting in a fall.