Bahen and Co 70% cacao chocolate

Bahen and Co


  • Bahen and Co 70% cacao chocolate
  • Bahen and Co 70% cacao chocolate
  • Bahen and Co 70% cacao chocolate
  • Bahen and Co 70% cacao chocolate
  • Bahen and Co 70% cacao chocolate

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House Blend: A selection of single plantation cacao's stone ground to produce a complex chocolate in a distinct house style.

Almond and Sea Salt: House Blend chocolate meets the finest of almonds, slow roasted with estate grown olive oil then finished with hand harvested sea salt.

Brazil: Bahia plantation was once lost in the Jungles of the Mata Atlantica. Today it's cacao produces a chocolate with expressions of dark fruit and bold chocolate notes.  

Madagascar: This farm was established in the 1920's and it's rare heirloom beans produce a very distinct citrus fruit driven chocolate. A whole new chocolate experience.

Bahen & Co. founder, Josh Bahen, has a decade of experience in the making of fine wine and a wine-makers attention to craftsmanship.


The raw natural beauty and integrity of the Margaret River region makes it the perfect location to embark on an exotic journey with the cocoa bean. The process involves roasting, winnowing, stone grinding, conching and tempering.  Old world machines that craft chocolate in an old fashioned way. In a way that gently teases out and captures the individual character of the beans.

Using vintage chocolate making equipment and only 2 ingredients, cacao and cane sugar, Bahen & Co. strives to make chocolate in a traditional way that pre-dates the mass production of the industrial revolution. Chocolate that exhibits ancient aromas and flavours and carries the senses back to the times of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas. Chocolate that speaks of the Growers’ and the unique personalities of the plantations. We hope you enjoy the journey. From bean to bar.



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