Bailer Bag

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  • Using the traditional hard wearing materials and functional design from traditional maritime culture, Bailer Bags are based on a bucket design used in seafaring trades, where a cloth bucket was used for bailing out water from on board or putting our fires. 

    The water resistant wax coating on the heavy duty linen made hard wearing bags that would not deteriorate like plastic. The same hard wearing, functional and traditional approach has been brought to this series of Bailer Bags.

    Use for everyday carting, laundry, lunch, or what you will.

    100% heavy duty linen cloth, treated with water resistant wax coating.

    Made in Japan.

    2 Way Bag 25L
Weight: 31 cm  
    Height: 34.5 cm (Shoulder strap/ 90cm)
25L capacity

    Long Shoulder Bag 8L

    Weight: 24 cm 
    Diameter: 16 cm 
    Height: 31 cm (Shoulder strap / 90cm) 
    8L capacity

    Shoulder Bag 7L / Red line 7L

    Diameter: 19 cm 
    Height: 24 cm (Shoulder strap/ 40cm)
    7L capacity

    2 Way Shoulder Bag 50L

    Diameter: 41 cm
    Height: 39 cm (Shoulder strap / 74cm)
    50L capacity


  • Bailer Bags (Japan)

    A bailer is a bucket made from cloth and used to pump out the water at the bottom of the boat or extinguishes fire. It is also used as legal equipment of ships because it does not break or deteriorate under bad conditions like plastics do.They are made of cotton canvas unchanged from 40 years ago. And we are manufacturing this bailer series from the same sewing factories, in the same way and same quality material.We keep the original goodness of self-sustainability, the bucket is strong in water and dirt, have durability and convenient to carry. We work carefully on the details to convey the simple but beautiful finish that already exist. Beach bags, laundry bags, base covers and tool holders. Please use it as a practical tool of life.

    Care: Please hand wash with soap in cold water, do not tumble dry but sun dried. Over time they get nicer, please kindly use it for a long time.

    Made in Japan