Chabako (Tea Chest) Storage Box


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  • A storage box traditionally used in Shizuoka Japan for the transport and storage of tea. These beautiful boxes traditionally protect their contents from moisture, odours and insects. The natural smell of the cedar is a beautiful thing. Perfect for storing any necessities from foodstuffs to clothes, to bits and bobs. And yes, the taped edges are part of the traditional design.

    Materials: Japanese cedar, galvanised steel, paper, shofu (Japanese foodsafe wheaten adhesive)
    Made in Shizuoka, Japan

    Sizes available (mm):

    5kg(flat) 350x245x140
    5kg 350x245x265
    10kg(flat) 425x295x180
    10kg 425x295x325
    20kg(flat) 515x365x215
    20kg 515x365x405
    40kg(flat) 680x435x280
    40kg 680x435x485