Small wooden flower vase - CHIISAKI-HANAIRE


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  • Tiny wooden flower vase series from the city of Asahikawa, Hokkaido.
    See what an ordinary hand-picked field flower can give you.

    These vases are all designed after 6 types of the classical Japanese flower vases.

    KINEGATA: mallet
    TSURUKUBI: crane neck
    NATSUME: jujube
    KINUTA: wooden block for beating cloths used for softening
    UZUKUMARU: crouching
    TOKURI: Japanese SAKE decanter

    In the Japanese tradition of flower arrangement, flowers of the season are put in a specially selected vase in such a manner that brings out the beauty of the flowers themselves.

    The designer has created these tiny vases so that many people can gain a feel of what the Japanese art of flower arrangement is like. Please find a beauty in the evanescence of flowers, withering slowly.

    Note that these vases are not water-proof, so please do not pour water in them.

    dimensions (mm):

    KINEGATA dia30 x H42 (bottom dia25, vent dia3.5)
    TSURUKUBI dia35 x H55 (bottom dia22, vent dia5.0)
    NATSUME dia33 x H40 (bottom dia22, vent dia3.5)
    KINUTA dia32 x H42 (bottom dia25, vent dia5.0)
    UZUKUMARU dia33 x H38 (bottom dia24, vent dia8.0)
    TOKURI dia37 x H28 (bottom dia24, vent dia5.0)


    These items are handmade, so the size of individual item may vary slightly.