conte MAKANAI Bowl, Tray & Strainer Set


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conte MAKANAI bowls , trays and flat strainers are a series of highly convenient kitchen tools. 

Sold in a set of 3 pieces: A bowl, a matching tray, and a matching flat strainer.

The bowls can be used to put vegetables, fruits or any ingredient while cooking, wash the vegetables, mix ingredients, etc. The matching tray enables to store food in the refrigerator, to put ingredients while cooking, or to even use as a plate for eating. The matching flat strainer can be used to drain the water after washing vegetables or fruits as well as to pour soups from pots and filter out solids, and to drain tofu.

130 Bowl, Tray, Flat Strainer set: 
Bowl dia 138 x h78mm
Tray dia140 x h18mm
Flat strainer dia140 x h14mm

180 Bowl, Tray, Flat Strainer set: 
Bowl dia 183 x h103mm
Tray dia188 x h18mm
Flat strainer dia188 x h14mm

220 Bowl, Tray, Flat Strainer set: 
Bowl dia 225 x h126mm
Tray dia227 x h18mm
Flat strainer dia227 x h14mm

Material: Stainless steel
Made in Japan

Designed by Rina Ono, made in Japan by conte.

MAKANAI means "cooking" in Japanese. It also means "unrolled," which applies on the edge of the stainless-steel bowl that is usually rolled. The unrolled edges prevents residues of dry mixtures from building up making it easy to keep clean.

Conte MAKANAI bowls are a combinations of design beauty with functionality.

The MAKANAI bowls from conte won the 2018 Red Dot Award in the cookware and cooking utensils category as well as the iF Gold Award 2018 for household and tableware category.

about conte

"conte" is a brand making tools in the major production area for stainless steel processing of Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture. It is said that "the whole city is a factory."

Our kitchen utensils finished through the application of various specialized skills, are not flashy but comfortable to use and become essential to your everyday cooking.

From factory to factory, when one task is completed, the returnable box known as a "CONTENA" in Japanese or container is carried to the next step. Passed from one task to the next like a baton in the relay, then the new tools are finished.

The prefixes con~ and com~ at the beginning of English words carry the meaning of "with ~" or "together."  "conte" refers to the hands (hand = "TE" in Japanese) of many craftsmen making products "together," and to the "CONTENA," said to be symbols of the division of labour in Tsubame, in which products are carried. The name "conte" also contains the hope that the tools will "continue to be used for a long time."