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    Peter Jensen & Mary Miles Minter & Mildred & Emma & Olga & Nancy & Gertrude & Cindy & Tonya & Fanny & Sissy & Helena & Tina & Christina & Mink & Candice-Marie & Jodie & Jytte & Laurie & Muriel & Shelley & Anna Karina

    Peter and Gerard make clothes for ten years. Each season’s outfits are inspired by the fantastic excesses of their muses: Artist Gertrude Stein’s dinners, Tonya Harding’s attack on rival skater Nancy Kerrigan, the request of Christina of Denmark to marry Henry VIII only when she’ll have a head to spare, the freckled eternal teen face of Sissy Spacek (covered in pig blood in De Palma’s Carrie or murderously innocent in Malick’s Badlands), the delusional Shelley Duval, the Guardian-reader-type righteous Candice-Marie from Mike Leigh’s Nuts in May etc.
    They are strong, they make mistakes, they dress well. Also contains essays by Emily King and Susannah Frankel.

    Author / Editor: Peter Jensen & Åbäke
    Year: 2011
    Pages: 270
    First Edition: 1500 copies
    ISBN number: 978-1-907908-04-0
    Weight: 667.00g
    Width: 15.00cm
    Height: 21.50cm
    Language: English
    Cover: Hardcover
    Binding: Sewn