Enamel Oval Colour Lunchbox


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  • Very lovely coloured enamelware boxes - can be used for bento, or for storing and organising.

    S size: 15.8cm x 9.6cm x 5cm h, 430ml capacity

    M size: 17.6cm × 10.7cm × 5.7cm h, 630ml capacity

    material: enamelware

    Made in Japan

    Enamelware is dishwasher safe but we recommend handwash for best care

    More information about enamel:

    Enamel has excellent heat resistance and acid resistance, making it ideal for storing cooked dishes as they are.
    In addition, the thick base material and the enamel layer with low thermal conductivity make it highly heat-retaining and difficult to cool. In addition, the glassy surface is smooth and easy to wash, and its low adsorptivity makes it difficult for odors to stick to it.

    ● The enamel layer will be damaged if it is hit or dropped.
    ● Be careful not to get burned as it gets hot when you add boiling water.
    ● Do not use in a microwave oven. It may cause a malfunction of the microwave oven or a fire.
    ● After use, soak a sponge in a neutral detergent, wash it well, and dry it. Do not use metal scrubbing brushes or scouring powder as they will damage the surface.
    ● Since the base material of enamel is steel, please consider that rust may eventually occur depending on the conditions of use and storage. As a care to prevent the spread of rust, use it all the time, wash it, and polish it frequently with a soft cloth. The oxide film on the surface that is gradually formed by repeated polishing makes the exposed substrate less likely to rust. If rust is noticeable, it is also quite effective to soak olive oil in a soft cloth and rub it in.