FUTAGAMI Brass Chopping Board Holder


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A stable chopping board holder making the most of the weight and water-resistance of the brass material.

Despite of its compact size, it holds a large chopping board steadily.

*Can hold a chopping board with a thickness of up to 30mm.

The inner surface with which a chopping board touches is lined with tin.

The bottom part is lined with silicone so that it won't damage the surface on which the tool holder is placed.

size: w73 x d85 x h66mm
material: Brass, tin, silicone
Made in Japan 

Designed by Masanori Oji and made by Futagami, Japan.

Founded in 1897, FUTAGAMI has a long history of making brass artifacts used in the Buddhist traditions. Brass products gradually change their colour over the course of many years dues to oxidisation. The longer they are used, the richer they become.