Hario Microwave Glass Rice Cooker


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  • A "see through" rice cooker for microwave oven
    Made of heatproof glass made in Japan
    You only need to cook once, and heating time is 10 minutes
    Resistant to odor transfer / odor residue
    Easy to clean with few parts
    Can be used for microwave oven cooking other than rice

    SIZE: W 200× D 160× H 143mm 150Φ
    CAPACITY: 0.5-1 cup of rice
    Heatproof glass
    Silicone Ring / Silicone rubber
    CARE: Hot water, Microwave, dishwasher safe
    Glass / JAPAN
    Silicone Ring / CHINA


    About HARIO Japan

    HARIO was founded in 1921 and for over 100 years they’ve been making products that tea and coffee drinkers cherish.

    HARIO has been manufacturing heatproof glass since its very inception — and is the only manufacturer with a heatproof glass factory in Japan. Initially, they manufactured and sold laboratory glassware. Then in 1948, they began making coffee siphons by taking advantage of the properties of heatproof glass and their refined glass processing techniques.