IGA Ceramic Rice Cooker


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  • Traditional ceramic rice cooker and stovetop casserole.


    For cooking the perfect rice due the special qualities of the clay used. Also perfect for porridge, slow cooking, etc. Donabe can also be used in the oven for braising and slow cooked meals. Handmade using the local clay from Iga. Iga-yaki pottery is one of Japan’s most highly-regarded traditional ceramics and the clay is said to be the finest for producing donabe due to its porous qualities. The cooker has a thick base which allows it to retain heat well and gently cook the rice.


    material: ceramic and glaze
    size: dia 240mm × 180mm h, with lid 280mm h
    weight: 4.1kg 
    3 cup capacity

    Made in Japan

    Recommended for Gas stovetop use (although ceramic can be used with electric stovetop). Not for use on induction. Oven safe.



    Please handle with care - any extreme temperature change runs danger of cracking ceramic.

    Before first use it is recommended to season it using starchy rice water. This process is called medome in Japanese. 

    Other care tips:

    • Make sure bottom is dry before use on stove.
    • Start with low heat and never heat an empty donabe.
    • Let donabe cool down before washing and don't soak it in water when still hot.
    • Gently wash with water (do not soak in soapy water).
    • Wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth.
    • Air dry well before storing (never cover a donabe for storage if it is not completely dry inside).