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The handle of this cutlery is mildly shining with a gold color of brass, and the head part has luster of white silver. Please enjoy its contrast of gold and silver.

dimensions (mm):

IHADA Spoon L w36 x d189 x h20
IHADA Spoon M w25 x d140 x h11
IHADA Spoon S w24.5 x d128 x h13


Brass, Silver 


Please enjoy its glossy touch in your mouth, and enjoy its smoothness to the touch of the brass handle with your hand. The head part is silvered brass and the handle part is brass, which is IHADA-finished, a crude casting surface. They gradually changes its color over the course of years due to oxidization. The longer it is used, the richer and subtler it becomes.

According to the food standards, the contents of lead should be limited less than 0.1 percent in lead alloy material, like a brass cutlery, and also the head part, which is put into one's mouth, should be coated by silver or tin. FUTAGAMI's original composition of "Lead-Free-Brass" material is used in the cutlery series, and the material workability, strength, and color are controlled properly. The silver coated head part of the cutlery, which would be put in one's mouth, has been proven antibacterial and has no metallic taste or smell, but is hygienic and beautiful coating.