Japanese Incense - Taikun koh Matsu Meditation incense


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Premium stick incense made in Japan.

Made by a 12th generation company that has been making premium incense for over 300 years, since 1702, with beginnings in the Kyoto Imperial Palace. These products are the preferred incense for most temples in Japan.

Taikun-koh long stick incense is the longest burning incense we have and is an ideal companion for meditation, quiet reflection, or simply to scent a large room. Ideal to use for time-keeping tool for meditation or outdoors as well as in.

This is a long and thick incense - the way it is held up and burned in temples is to insert it in soft sand in a large bowl. Please note that due to its thickness it will not fit in the small hole of most standard incense holders.

  • 33cm long sticks
  • 1 bundle of 30 sticks
  • Burning time: approximately 2 hours / stick
  • Sandalwood, Patchouli, Clove, Benzoin, and other spices.


Shoyeido’s blending process is an art form. Highly trained "masters" draw upon centuries-old secrets to create masterworks of fragrance. These artisans carefully process the quality, balance, and ratio of every hand-selected natural ingredient. The slightest variation in amount or quality of any component can dramatically influence the outcome. Only the finest raw materials are used.

Shoyeido places highest importance on ethical sourcing and production and respect for nature, very important given the at times scarce and valuable natural resources involved. They have procured permits from the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry in Japan, and the US Fish & Wildlife Department to validate their natural materials are properly accounted for and responsibly harvested. None of their recipes contain animal ingredients and no testing has ever been done on animals. 

How best to use incense

These premium blends are a timeless way to enhance atmosphere. Whether as an accompaniment to work or relaxation, to enliven social settings, or to deepen yoga and meditation practices.

Burning type incenses are made with ingredients that give off their scents when heated. Most of us are inclined to get close to the burning incense to properly 'sniff' it. However, it is suggested that being a bit far from the burning stick incense is the best way to truly appreciate the fragrance. 

Shoyeido's incenses are also made for enjoying a lingering scent. The fragrance remains in a room 2-3 hours after it's finish burning. For example in Japan, the host will often burn incense half or 1 hour before guests arrive so that we can feel the subtle elegant fragrance.