Journal of Australian Ceramics Vol 62 No 3


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    Co-Editors Montessa Maack and Bridie Moran say: The resonance of the theme REMEDY & REPAIR with the times we are living in feels both urgent and complex. In clay there is immense strength and inherent fragility, and our creative histories, making traditions, and futures seem very much to call for remedy and repair. In this issue Lauren Kalman’s body of research leaves us both cradled and bruised, while Madeleine K. Snow dives into Kara Wood’s practice, which keeps the importance of protest front of mind. We see provenance examined through acute questions on collecting practices; community and culture combined in clay with Grace Dlabik; and satisfying technical articles on marbled pottery from Beste Ogan, and kiln construction from Suvira McDonald.

    Featured in JAC 623: Lauren Kalman, Purple House, Bonnie Hislop, Grace Dlabik, Kara Wood, Donna McDonald, Jean and Michael McMaster, Lisa Reid, Renee So, Alana Wilson, Suvira McDonald, Beste Ogan, Eve Sawa and Narelle Phillips, Jess Sellinger, Kylie Nichols, Ochre Bodhi, Jena Bedson, Studio P, 1000 Poppies for Legacy, Plating at Watch This Space, skin health, a review of Outside, Inside & all the way around, a review of Ceramics: An Atlas of Forms, a review of Milton Moon: crafting modernism, vale Julian Centofanti, vale Margaret Keane, vale Judy Lorraine, vale Judith Pearce, vale Hedley Potts, vale Geoffrey Walker & vale Alistair Whyte