Kamasada Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Frypan 214


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  • Cast iron frypan

    dia 215mm x w 390mm x h70mm

    Kamasada is an established studio of Nambu Tekki cast iron established in the Meiji era (1868-1912).

    Kamasada transform heavyweight black iron into simple and modern design objects while retaining traditional techniques.

    This low style of frypan is traditionally used for okonomiyaki and other frying jobs in the kitchen.

    Design: Nobuho Miya

    Made in Japan

    Care and use:

    • This is a cast iron pot.
    • Suitable for open fire, oven, induction, haolgen. Do not put in Microwave or dishwasher.
    • Wash with warm water before first use.
    • Season before first use: Apply some salad oil to the pot and put on the heat source until faint smoke arises. This makes and oil coating on the pot's surface and prevents rust.
    • Do not leave the food in the pot after cooking, especially the ones with strong acidity or salt.
    • Wash with warm water and non abrasive brush and put over low heat until dry. Then apply a little oil before storing in a dry place. Do not sure in high humidity or leave wet to store as it will produce rust.
    • Baked coated cast iron - this black surface baked coating can be lost over time with use and the underneath iron will show thorugh in time. But htis is not a fault nor a problem. The underneath iron will be oxidised and its colour will change to reddish brown or black. There is no problem if the product is taken good care of. It is a traditional craft of Japan that can be used for a long time.


    All parts of the pot will become hot with cooking and after. Please use oven gloves and exercise caution.