Kobo Aizawa Copper Grater


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A traditional and essential tool in any Japanese kitchen.

Tin-plated copper graters.

The finely hand sharpened teeth provide a very fine textured grated product. Think the dob of grated ginger on top of fried tofu steak, for example. Or the grated daikon mound that sits atop tofu agedashi. A great way to get ginger juice and grating for marinades.

All three can be used for various tasks, including garlic, giner, daikon, citrus rinds, wasabi, etc.

S - 5.5cm w x 7.5cm h. Perfect for garlic, wasabi

M - 8.5cm w x 11cm h. A good all rounder. Nice for ginger, lemon and yuzu rinds.

L - 10cm w x 18.5cm h. A nice larger size. Perfect for bigger bit of ginger and for daikon