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  • Beautifully made traditional matcha bamboo tea whisk. 

    Perfect for making your matcha tea, using the SUSUMUYA Matcha Tea series, available here.

    This tea whisk is made from bamboo using traditional highly skilled techniques. 

    Made in Japan.

    Made from bamboo.

    Comes in a charming presentation box. Perfect gift.

    When you get home
    The box the tea whisk is presneted in is a presentation box intended to protect the whisk until the customer receives it. The maker's idea is that after the craftsman puts it in the box, even the person in the store cannot pick it up so it is protected until its owner receives it.
    It is held in pace in its box with a water-soluble glue.
    To remove the tea whisk form its preesentation box hold the tea whisk firmly and pull it toward you.)
    To remove any glue residue from the end of whisk soak end in a small amount of water, leave it for a while, and wipe it with a cloth. (It is a water-soluble glue made from natural materials)
    After use, rinse thoroughly with water or hot water.
    If you often use it, store it in a well-ventilated place.
    Do not store it in an enclosed box or package as there will be the risk of mould forming as it dries.
    Protect from extreme temperature change and extreme drying environments as this may weaken the bamboo and lead to breakage.