Garden Gloves - Long


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  • These  recycled glass fibre yarn garden gloves are hard wearing, well designed gloves for all kinds of outdoor work. Perfect for gardening. The long version are great where you need added arm protection. Gauntlet style gloves with longer arm for added protection against scratches, rashes, bites and stings.


    The gloves have a colour-coded wrist thread: Red for Small, Green for Medium (pictured), Brown for Large.

    I have searched for over 10 years for the best vegan-friendly gardening gloves to stock in Mr Kitly, and finally I have found them. These gloves fit like the proverbial, have a great grip and touch. They aren't 100% waterproof, but they don't go super stiff (like leather) in wet conditions.

    Perfect for everyday gardening, fruit picking, weeding, pruning, mulching etc. Also great as landscaping, nursery work, floristry, and variety of outdoor rough work with materials such as brick, cement and wood.

    For short standard gardening or landscaping version of these gloves, see here.

    For really fine work where you need very fine touch for example dealing with small seedlings and small weeds,and also for work where your hands will get wet,  I recommend the Weeding gloves, available here.

    Glass Garden Gloves - long

    • Glass fibre yarn, PU coating
    • Gauntlet stye glove with polyurethane palm
    • Prickle resistant, not thorn resistant
    • Vegan materials
    • Cut resistant yarn (Cut level 5, Abrasive level 3)
    • Product of South Korea