Nenge - By Yuichi Ikeda, Eisuke Komatsubara


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  • Shinichiro Ogata ; Satoshi Kawamoto

    Publisher Seigensha

    ISBN 9784861526435



    ‘Kado’ is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, and the fact that artistically arranging plants and vessels has become a culture in its own right is closely related to religious elements and flower offerings in Shinto and Buddhism. It is just one aspect that is representative of the deep connection to nature within Japanese culture. Its people have honed their sense of beauty through their sensible perception of the impermanence inherent in plants. This book neither draws on currents of the traditional ‘kado’ nor follows Western styles of flower arrangement. Ignoring rules and conventions, designer and chef Shinichiro Ogata aims to communicate a new, daring notion of “contemporary flowers”.


    208 p, ills colour, 18 x 26 cm, pb, Japanese/English