Okatsune Bonsai Scissors 221


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  • Okatsune 221 are traditional Japanese bonsai scissors suitable for highly accurate forming and maintenance of your bonsai. 

    • Total length: 200 mm
    • Blade length: 52 mm
    • Weight: 215 gr
    • Blade hardness: 60 – 61 HRD (Rockwell Hardness C-scale), Izumo Yasugi steel


    • Ideal for the topiary of your boxwood and pine trees in your Japanese garden
    • The pointed, extremely thin blades of 52 mm ensure that you can penetrate deep into the bush to cut the soft parts such as twigs and leaves.
    • The scissors are not suitable for cutting small branches, for this you can better use the Okatsune 207 bonsai shears. 

    Technical specifics

    The blades of these Japanese bonsai scissors (Bonsai Basami) are uniquely forged from the finest IZUMO YASUGI steel, and have a very high Rockwell hardness of 60.0 to 61.0. Therefore, the blades stay sharp for a long time and they consistently give a clean and precise cut in the wood, without giving much effort. Furthermore, Okatsune combines the hardness with a special flexibility, so that the cutting blade always aligns with the counter blade and does not break.

    The blade has been ground in two angles, so it will also smoothly cut through wood, and will not unnecessarily damage the plant. Due to the unique shape of the hollow ground blade the sap flows away from the blade, and the blades will not come apart. The V-shape of the spring ensures that the cutting load is distributed evenly over the length of the spring making for a soft closing action. The Okatsune 221 is not suitable for cutting small branches. For this you better use the Okatsune 207 bonsai shears.

    The blades can very easily be sharpened with the Okatsune whetstone (Okatsune 412).


    The shears are constructed from a few components, so that there is little maintenance required. It is recommended to clean the blades after each use. After cleaning it is recommended to oil the shears, and store moisture free with the cutting blades closed. If you notice that the shears are cutting less well, you can grind them using the Okatsune whetstone (Okatsune 412).