Pallares Solsona Paring Knife 10cm


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  • 10cm carbon steel or stainless steel blade / Boxwood handle
    Made in Spain. Hand Stamped and sharpened.

    Please note - Box is currently only available for Stainless steel blade option

    You can opt for a stainless steel blade or carbon steel blade in this size. Stainless is easy care, carbon steel is the traditional knife material. More about carbon steel below.

    Carbon steel is harder than stainless steel and will hold its edge longer before needing to be sharpened. It does require a bit of care and attention; always keep your knife dry, as carbon steel will rust when it remains wet. It is also natural for carbon steel to develop a patina over time. Run a towel over the knife between uses and store in a dry place. 

    The knife industry is a tradition in Solsona that dates back to the sixteenth century. The company Pallarès, founded in 1917, is today the only testimony to the Spanish regions renowned knife-making industry. Throughout its history, Cuchillería Pallarès has chosen and still chooses the materials to be used by always seeking out the highest quality. Now in the hands of the third generation, these high standards are maintained with the priority as ever being the quality of the cutting edge.