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  • Author: Pamelia Chia
    Plantasia is the distillation of Pamelia Chia’s journey in Asia’s vegetable wisdom. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or omnivore, Plantasia is your guide to a better relationship with your greens, and equips you with the skills and techniques that you need to up your vegetable-cooking game. The range of vegetarian recipes in the book exemplify the dynamic and satisfying creations that can result when we open our minds and kitchens to the diversity of Asian cooking.Plantasia includes 24 interviews with cooks who have connections to different parts of Asia ranging from Tibet to Japan. Their stories will share how their food cultures celebrate vegetables, and inspire you to look at vegetables and see abundance and potential, rather than lack.Born in the ‘90s, Chia grew up in Singapore eating meat and seafood in abundance. When a move to Australia highlighted the impact of climate change, she resolved to lower her meat consumption. Unsatisfied with leafy salads and grain bowls, she turned her gaze to Asia.
    ISBN 9789811869648. Pamelia Chia. hb. 288 pages. 21 x 27.3 cm.