Rectangular box - Brass SS


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  • Rectangular brass canister handmade by a small design group in Tokyo, Japan.

    These canisters are made using a traditional technique used for centuries in Japan for tea canisters. No rust-proofing is done on the cans, and they are intended to age gracefully over time. The brass and copper canisters will oxidise over time with touch and wear, getting a beautiful patina of age and use. Handling the cans with bare hands adds luster and depth to the container.

    From the maker:

    'A simple item that will someday become antique. To hold your interest, the shape is simple.Artisans make them by hand to use the minimum number of lines free of unevenness from any angle. The comfort of smooth opening and closing is realized through such meticulous work. Scuffing is also done by hand. "

    95 x 65 x 50H mm (business card size)


    After washing wipe of all moisture with a dry cloth and air dry well. As no rust-proofing chemicals are used on these cans, the joints will rust over time, this is an intended element of the design of these wares, giving the cans the patina of age. Note whilst the inner lid does push out air upon closing, they are not hermetically sealed containers. For longer life, if you want, sometimes a dessicant (as you often find in spice packets) can be added to dry ingredients stored in these cans.