RHS Professional Soft Squeeze Shears


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  • Double bow handle pattern gives softest possible squeeze for maximum comfort in use.
    Razor sharp blade edges cut crisply through leaves for optimal plant health. Angled blades keep knuckles clear from foliage when cutting straight lines or can be turned over to help create curves.

    Available in two sizes:

    Small: Overall length 22.5cm. Compact (9cm) bladed shear is ideal for those with small hands and/or where the task in hand requires precision.

    Large: Overall length 29cm. A long (13cm) bladed hand shear, particularly suited to gardeners with larger hands (and/or larger pieces of topiary to tackle).


    High carbon

    Hardened & tempered Sheffield steel construction

    Positive Grip metal handle finish

  • Burgon & Ball tools are the only garden tools to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, one of the world’s foremost horticultural organisations and the UK's leading gardening charity. All our RHS-endorsed tools carry a ten year guarantee (for cutting tools) or a lifetime guarantee (for stainless steel tools) against manufacturing defects.

    Burgon and Ball have been making tools since 1730, and our expertise with steel is packed into this collection. These tools combine high quality materials with ergonomic design, taking the hard work out of gardening and making them a pleasure to use, for many years to come.