Kokonoe Mirin - Ganso kokonoe Sakura 500ml



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Mirin is used to create depth and sweetness to a dish. Mirin is made from rice that is used to make mochi(rice cakes) not the same rice as to make sake. Mochi rice is sweeter than other rices. With a shorter fermentation time, mirin contains a lot of sugars. In the final stages of fermentation shochu (Japanese distilled alcohol) is added.

Kokonoe mirin takes care in choosing the best quality ingredients for the rice and water but also with the choice of shochu.

As a cooking guide: 

Teriyaki sauce= mirin 1: Shoyu 1: sugar 0.5

Stewed fish= mirin 1: shoyu 1: stock 2: sake 2: water 2

Stewed vegetables= mirin 1: shoyu 1: stock 15

soba soup= mirin 1: shoyu 1: stock 13~15

Tempura dipping sauce= mirin 1: shoyu 1: stock 20

About Kokonoe - 

Kokonoe mirin is the olderst mirin maker in Japan. It began in 1772 in the Mikawa area of Kyoto. Due to Kokonoe's popularity Mikawa area is now famous for making the best mirin in Japan. Kokonoe uses the same method of crating mirin since it was established. It can be found in famous restaurants around Kyoto and all over Japan.


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