Silky Green High Grade Sencha Tea


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  • High grade fukamushi (high grade sencha) green tea

    Tea leaves are picked in early May to middle May. This first pick green tea has higher levels of nutrients, better flavor, aroma and color.

    50g vacuum sealed pouch

    What is Fukamushicha?

    The leaves of Fukumushicha have been steamed for longer than regular green teas (Sencha). The extra steaming process allows the leaf to be heated to the core and that makes the shape of the leaf slightly finer finer as a result. This technique, (Fukamushicha) giving a green tea a richer flavor, sweetness, aroma and deep bright green colour. When you brew, resulting in tiny particles of the leaf may come through  the strainer. There is nothing wrong with drinking it. (In fact it is nurturing your body even more if you intake green tea leaf itself.)