Tea canister - Tin SS


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  • SS size tin canister for storing precious teas. Air tight seal.

    material: tin
    size: dia 6.5cm x h 6.5cm

    tea leaves: approx 100g (will vary depending oin size of leaves)
    coffee: beans approx 50g/ ground apprx 60g

    Made in Japan

    About Syuro:

    Simple things that will eventually become antiques.

    You start using something “for the time being” and find yourself using it all the time…
    Don’t you ever use a small container?
    If so, you will grow to love them as you use them over and over again,
    In order to create such a can storage, we headed for an old-fashioned can factory in downtown Tokyo.
    Tinplate, brass, and copper. Each has its own fresh color,
    The more five or ten years pass, the more the colors become more antique, and the more they become part of the scenery of daily life.
    The shape is simple so that you will never get tired of it.
    The shape is simple so that it will never become boring, and the lines are drawn with a minimum of unevenness from any angle,
    The craftsmen made it by hand.
    You can feel the skill of the craftsman when you feel the comfortable “click” when opening and closing the door.
    The sanding is also done by hand. The matte finish is resistant to scratches and stains.
    Coffee beans, tea, seasonings, stationery, etc.
    You can put whatever you want in it, because it can be placed anywhere.