SOLIDTEKNICS nöni 26cm Frypan


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    Solidteknics nöni stainless steel range is available for instore collection only. Collection is from our Brunswick store. If you are unable to collect this item instore please do not order to avoid disappointment, as postage is not available on the nöni range under any circumstance.

    One of the most popular workhorse sizes. Perfect for all of your everyday frying, baking, grilling and searing needs, from the stovetop, into the oven, and outdoors. No heavy metals or toxic coatings - just clean, conductive, non-nickel stainless steel. 

    Suitable for all cooktops, including induction.

    Total Length: 52.2cm
    Diameter: 26cm (measured from inner top rim)
    Stove contact surface: 21cm
    Height of bowl: 4.5cm
    Height at handle: 8.5cm
    Weight: 1.6kg
    Capacity: 1.75L

    Material: Highly conductive 3mm thick ferritic (non-nickel) German stainless steel.
    Compatible with all cooktops, including induction. Oven safe (not for microwave).
    nöni™ ferretic stainless steel cookware is great for all acidic sauces, all liquid boiling, slow cooking, and baking.

    No seasoning required for nöni™ ferretic stainless steel. Non-stick cooking can be achieved with careful management of heat and oil. 
    World-first one-piece stainless cookware. no rivets, formed of one piece for improved durability and hygiene (no wobbly handles,  food can't get trapped in rivets)

    Made in Australia. 

  • SOLIDTEKNICS is an Australian company founded by an engineer focused on innovation, sustainability and local skills and production.

    This commercial-level cookware is proudly manufactured in Australia  - the only production cookware to be so. These pans are extremely durable and come with a muti-century warranty.

    Solidteknics have two ranges, AUS-ION™ wrought iron (low-carbon steel) cookware and nöni ferretic stainless steel cookware. Mr Kitly stocks both of these ranges.

    Design highlights for both ranges

    • no rivets, one piece or improved durability and hygiene (no wobbly handles,  food can't get trapped in rivets)
    • broad concave handle for more control and less fatigue
    • vented neck on handle to reduce heat transfer to hand
    • designed and made in Australia 

    AUS-ION™ wrought iron (low-carbon steel) cookware

    Material: Shot-peened 3mm thick Australian wrought iron for even heating.

    • a highly innovative re-imagining of cast iron cookware - same performance as the best French cast iron, but half the weight
    • made in Australia from Australian wrought iron
    • suitable for all cooktops: Induction, Gas, Ceramic, Halogen, Electric, Oven and Fire (not microwave).
    • AUS-ION iron pans have a forever renewable nonstick coating. Seasoned iron is the only known non-toxic and forever-renewable non-stick. All other non-stick cookware is made with toxic and/or disposable synthetic coatings. 
    • engineers worked with top chefs to refine the range
    • full care and seasoning instructions provided with pan and online

    nöni ferretic stainless steel  cookware

    Material: formed from one solid sheet of 3mm ferritic non-nickel German stainless steel. Nearly twice as conductive as regular nickel-based stainless steels and is compatible with induction, without the need for clad/ply layers.

    • solid 3mm thick non-nickel stainless steel specially made for Solidteknics in Germany (no stainless steel is made in Australia).
    • made in Australia
    • wrought from one solid piece with a patented world-first method. No rivets joins or screws for world-leading durability and easy cleaning. Indestructible.
    • suitable for all cooktops: Induction, Gas, Ceramic, Halogen, Electric, Oven and Fire (not microwave).
    • ferritic stainless is a far superior conductor of heat than the regular austenitic stainless, aluminium-clad, materials used in most cookware - provides fast, even cooking without hot spots
    • perfect for all liquid boiling, slow cooking, acidic sauces
    • low maintenance, no seasoning required.
    • rotary polished inside pan, and raw brushed manufactured surface outside. There will be minor processing scuff marks, unique to each pan, which Solidteknics consider to be a thing of natural beauty.
    • tips on use and full care instructions provided with pan and online

    AUS-ION™ wrought iron or nöni ferretic stainless steel  ?

    Solidteknics ranges are intended to be complementary and cover all of your cooking needs. You can have pans from both ranges in your kitchen. 

    AUS-ION™ is perfect for everyday oil/fat-based frying, grilling, roasting, stirfrying etc. such as eggs, pancakes/crepes, browning and caramelisation. It's also excellent for baking - ie pies, cakes, pizza, and bread. Roast vegetables, fried rice, frittata, omelettes, and toasted sandwiches are also perfect use. Whilst you can cook anything at all in the AUS-ION™, acidic foods and liquids can erode the seasoning. Though the beauty of seasoned iron is it's forever renewable!

    The nöni™ ferritic, non nickel stainless steel is very low maintenance as it does not require seasoning - cooks like iron, cleans like stainless! Like all stainless, nöni™ is not considered 'non stick' though can work well with the right balance of heat and fat. nöni™ is ideal for all liquid boiling, slow cooking, acidic sauces, such as pasta, rice, poached eggs, boiled or steamed vegetables, sauces, curries, soups, stocks, jams, paella, risotto, casseroles etc. It's also great for baking in.


    AUS-ION™ wrought iron

    There are two parts to seasoning: oven seasoning, for all over corrosion protection, and stove top seasoning, where you’ll begin to build your own non-stick surface.  Oven seasoning involves preheating the pan in the oven, adding a light layer of oil, then 'baking' the empty pan. Stovetop seasoning  involves gradually heating the pan over the stovetop and wiping oil until the pan starts to smoke. Both processes are necessary to create a long lasting and natural seasoned cooking surface. Full instructions are provided with your pan and online. A well-seasoned pan will be black in colour, though often patchy in reality. Seasoning will change overtime, and will continue to get better the more you cook. 

    nöni ferretic stainless steel  

    Seasoning of stainless steel s not needed.

    Care & Cooking tips

    AUS-ION™ wrought iron

    • clean your pan under hot, running water – preferably whilst your pan is still warm.
    • use a wooden or steel scraper to remove food residue
    • to best maintain your seasoning (especially whilst it is young) we recommend avoiding using soap as this can erode your seasoning. Use a brush if needed, though be careful not to scrub off your seasoning. You want to ensure all food particles/bumps/rough patches are removed and the surface is smooth. Soap is not necessary with good scrubbing, and cooking heat will kill bacteria. However, if you're concerned, a little soap is fine!
    • immediately dry with a cloth or paper towel.
    • where possible, place your pan on a still-warm stovetop (or turn heat on low), to ensure that your pan is completely dry before storing. This will help prevent rust.
    • whilst there can take a little time initially to build your seasoning up, once well-seasoned, cleaning can be as easy as wiping out with a paper towel. 
    • Handwash only. NEVER place in dishwasher!

    nöni ferretic stainless steel  

    • stainless steel isn't known for being non-stick, though it can be achieved with good heat and fat control. Heat the pan before adding oil and then, once the oil is hot, add the food. Adding oil to the pan when it's hot causes the steel to become "static," which creates a temporarily nonstick surface.
    • take the chill off of cold foods (cold food is more likely to stick to a hot pan).
    • lower your heat and don' rush preheating. nöni is highly conductive, you likely won’t ever need more than a medium heat setting to get a hot pan.
    • room temperature food is the best - cold food can cause sticking due to the thermal reaction.
    • never add salt to cold water, wait until it reaches a 'rolling' boil.
    • only use non-abrasive cleaners and sponges.
    • clean your pans soon after cooking. (Although never submerge a hot stainless steel pan in cold water might as this can cause irreparable warping. Always allow the pan to cool before washing it.
    • dry thoroughly before storing (to prevent water spots, dry your pot or pan immediately after washing)
    • for hard to clean burnt, stubborn, or burnished pans: Barkeeper's Friend (a heavy-duty household cleaner) works wonders on stained metal.
    • Handwash only

    Full cleaning, use and care tips available on Solidteknics site.