SOLIDTEKNICS noni Combination set - 2.5L saucepan + 23cm skillet with lid


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  • SOLIDTEKNICS new noni stainless teel range is made from conductive solid ferritic nöni stainless steel range is perfect for all liquid boiling, slow cooking, acidic sauces, and is very low maintenance.....and indestructible.  Use nöni™ stainless steel for acidic sauces that are not ideal for cast ion surfaces.


    nöni™ is a genuine world-first in cookware: seamless one-piece production wrought stainless steel saucepans. It has never been done before because it is almost impossible, and not possible with traditional pressing methods. After thousands of years of metal cookware (and a century of disposable cookware), this innovative little Australian engineering co. found a way.

    Both the classic aus-ion and the noni ranges are designed to work together as a complete set of complementary pans, on any heat source.

    • made in Australia
    • non-toxic
    • healthy
    • sustainable
    • multi-century durable


    Mark James Henry was probably born to innovate in engineering. At age 3 he woke before dawn one Christmas morning and fully assembled a tricky powered construction set that his parents thought they might struggle with in the morning......

    Fast forward 40-something years, a metal trade, two degrees, several languages, and a string of patents, brands and businesses later, and you could say Mark is feeling quietly confident about his new innovations and the future of SOLIDTEKNICS.