SUSUMUYA Dobin Teapot


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  • Oji Masanori designs a new tea pot, the SUSUMU DOBIN.

    It is a large teapot that can serve plenty of delicious tea. The beautiful design of its brass handle allows the pot to be easy to carry around, serve tea until its last drop and store it in any shelf as the handle falls down sideways.

    Hold the handle from its lower side and you can easily serve tea without spilling a drop!

    This piece is a collaboration between JICON x FUTAGAMI for SUSUMUYA tea ware.


    approx. 900mL, w198 x d123× h199 (when the handle is oriented sideways)


    approx. 530mL, w172 x d105 x h170mm (h120mm when the handle is oriented sideways)

    material: Brass and porcelain

    This listing is for teapot only. For martching tea cups sold separately please see here.

    About Susumuya
    Concept of SUSUMUYA TEA WARE When you look back in the history of Japanese tea, "tea tools" have changed in shape and style through time, reflecting each era. We aim for the Japanese tea culture, neither to end as being just a hobby for some people nor to be a drink just to satisfy one's thirst, but to bring back Japanese tea into everyday life. We truly would like to offer a restful moment that comes from the experience of drinking authentic Japanese tea. When you observe the conditions in which Japanese tea is in our times, it was natural for us to wish to make "tea tools for the new era." Tea professionals from SUSUMUYA collaborated together with Japan's most outstanding craftsmen to create the "tea tools for enjoying delicious Japanese tea in everyday life" after numerous of careful considerations. We look forward to seeing the day when people drink authentic Japanese tea in their everyday life. SUSUMUYA Tea Shop Original Tea Ware Supervisor Mr. Kotaro Shinbara (President of SUSUMUYA Tea Shop)