KAKUDO Chopping Board


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  • KAKUDO series designed by Masanori Oji and made by Takahashi Kougei.

    Takahashi Hidetoshi is a master craftsman in wood. At his family-run workshop in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, woodenware is created using a lathe and hand finish. Takahashi Kougei create simple yet functional artifacts making the best of wood materials. Wood is a natural insulator.

    "KAKUDO" means "angle" in Japanese. Certain variations of angles give the tableware unique functions and forms. Every corner and/or edge is finished to give a round shape with gentle details. A series of articles for daily use with "kakudo (angle)" and a round finish.


    Octagon-shaped cutting boards
    Fingers fit nicely on the curved sides.
    Stands up right on its sides.

    dimensions (mm):

    KAKUDO Cutting Board M w300 x d300 x h27
    KAKUDO Cutting Board S w210 x d210 x h27






    The Kakudo series is finished with a food safe oil, and so these pieces require the care for any oiled wooden tableware, they will benefit from periodic brushing with vegetable oil and allowing the oil to soak into the wood. Do not leave to soak and not suitable for the dishwasher.