Takada Tawashi


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  • The soft natural fibers of the windmill palm ensure that our brushes have the perfect combination of pliancy and firmness for removing grease and food particles, even from your best glasses and dishware, without scratching. They're also ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables, gently lifting away dirt without damaging the skin, so you never have to sacrifice nutrition or flavor in the name of cleanliness. Trusted by professional chefs and home cooks alike for helping preserve the integrity of ingredients, our kitchen brushes' high quality and versatility make them an essential tool for any kitchen.

    Takada Tawashi S

    w70 x d90 x h40mm

    material: SHURO (Trachycarpus fortune or windmill palm) bark fiber, stainless steel

    About Takada

    The bark of the windmill palm tree, or SHURO, has been one of familiar materials to the people of Japan since old times, and its flexible and soft texture has been utilized for brooms and scrub brushes, called "TAWASHI" in Japanese.

    For some seventy years, TAKADA's artisans have been handcrafting TAWASHI with uniform texture one at a time, using only the finest, carefully-selected materials.

    In the past, the local industry using the domestic windmill palm is almost discontinued.  However, TAKADA restored traditional Japanese scrub brushes which are made of the bark of the windmill palm tree growing naturally in the KISHU area (Wakayama Prefecture) of Japan.

    There are only a few craftsmen who can collect the bark of the tree; therefore, materials gathered in KISHU are extremely valuable.  The windmill palm tree of KISHU are organically farmed. The domestic bark of the windmill palm trees is delivered to the TAKADA's workshop soon after it is gathered. Fresh bark of the KISHU SHURO has fine luster and uniform fibers.  We use these finest materials for selected products such as body brushes.  

    Despite appearances, our brushes are in fact astonishingly soft, making them as suitable for bathing as they are for scrubbing fruits and vegetables, imparting a gentle, pleasing and invigorating sensation to your skin.  But, don't take our word for it — pick one up and experience for yourself the quality that lends the everyday something a bit extraordinary.