Tadafusa Bread Knife 240mm HK series


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  • Tadafusa have been manufacturing hand made forged knives for home and professional use since 1948. They are from the Sanjo city in Niigata, Japan, an area reknown for blacksmith and forging activities since the 17th century.

    Hocho Tadafusa “European Style”

    A decade ago Tadafusa engaged a renowned female industrial designer, Fumie Shibata, to design a European style range for the western market. Hand forged, this range is offered in triple layered blades of rust-resistant SLD steel (HRC of 60) and clad with soft stainless steel. This range has heat treated semi-charcoaled chestnut handles for moisture and bacteria resistance. This core steel offers a sharp blade which holds its edge protected from rust and more easily maintained by the outer layer of stainless steel.

    hocho bread knife

    This bread knife is unique in that it has a small serrated area at the tip for establishing the cut and the rest of the blade is un-serrated. Fantastic for soft or crusty bread and sashimi, also for cutting tomatoes.

    Length - 37cm

    Blade Length - 24cm

    Material - Stainless Steel (blade), SLD Steel (edge), Semi-charcoaled Chestnut (handle)

    Weight - 125g

    Made in Japan

    Limited 12 month manufacturers warranty

    Some key points to highlight with regards to care of your Tadafusa Hocho stainless steel knives:

    • Always wash your knife by hand in warm soapy water, dry it and put it away safely. Storage in a wooden knife black is recommended.

    • Whilst stainless steel will not rust and is easier care than carbon in that sense, it is still a good idea to always clean your knife straight after use, dry thoroughly and store carefully. The blade is stainless steel and the cutting edge of made from SLD rust-resistant steel.

    • Never put your knife in the dishwasher or leave it wet for too long

    • Only use a sharpening stone not a steel to sharpen your knife. Steels re-align a blade but the most precise sharpening is done with a stone.

    • Feel free to contact us for sharpening advice and guides.